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Should you print 1 or 2 sided business?

What is the sole purpose of a business card?

The sole purpose of a business card is to get an interaction or to follow up with a potential client or business person. If you've ever heard the phrase, "form follows function," then you have some idea about what I'm talking about. You may want to only print on one side of your business card if you plan to write on the back of it for some reason. Some examples may be that you write down a special name or a phone number, maybe a discount code, reference number, or some other kind of information that is unique to the person you're giving the card to.

There is of course the other camp that says that you should have the glitziest and most whiz-bang business card you can in order to impress your clients. This is the idea that you should UV coat your card, foil stamp it, or die-cut it; whatever it takes to make your clients notice that your business card it different and that it stands out in the pile of other business cards that people collect.

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